I love storytelling—taking a brand, an idea, a product, a concept, and making it come alive for the reader. I’m an evangelist—when I believe in something I’ll sell the hell out of it—with words. 

copywriting & editing

I craft honest, compelling, witty copy to sell a product, inspire readers, explain a concept, gather consensus, stir up controversy. I’ll unearth words, arrange and rearrange, and piece them together—creating the most memorable messages possible.


content strategy

I can guide or even take over your media channels, from newsletters to Pinterest to website to Instagram to blogs. I have the experience and know-how to curate your media on any and every channel, and to make sure your brand’s voice is consistent, yet tailored to where it’s living. 


brand tone and voice

I can help you add clarity to your brand—what does it mean, how do your consumers see it, and where are the opportunities? Together we can create interest and dynamism, make sure key attributes are highlighted, and develop compelling messaging.